February 24, 2008

Sunday Tradition

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Even though the Catholic Church’s hook-like claws are slowly being pried away from Ireland’s collective psyche (to surprisingly little fanfare), people still treat Sunday as the day where you don’t do all that much. I’ve decided to make full use of that noble tradition, so I won’t be writing anything at all today (except perhaps in argumentative comments on here – more on that later).

On days when I don’t write, I usually spent a lot of time thinking through storylines in my head and making sure that everything flows well (and that there aren’t any glaring contradictions or holes; sadly, there often are). I also plan out the next few scenes I’m going to write in detail, during which I usually end up either changing them fairly drastically or adding subplots that I hadn’t intended on using at all. Just yesterday I had one of my characters become something of a renegade because I realized it would get her involved with everything else that’s going on in a much more satisfying way.

Strangely enough, doing everything ‘on the fly’ like this is quite satisfying, especially when it all meshes together into a coherent whole. When it doesn’t…well, that’s slightly less satisfying.

I’ve been having a few mini-debates here on WordPress over the last few days. I like a good debate more than most people, and they’ve been quite interesting. I’ll post some thoughts on that later today, but for now, here’s an interesting blog I found in the course of my browsing:

BuelahMan’s Redstate Revolt

A blog with the catchy tagline ‘A Redneck’s Guide to Reversing the Rightwing Brainwashing’. That pretty much sums it up, and the author discusses a wide variety of topics in a witty (and often scathing) way that’s quite refreshing when compares to some more heavy-handed political blogs.