March 13, 2008

I Need A Laptop

Posted in Writing tagged , , , at 11:16 am by lifelessonsfromwriting

As the title of this post suggests, I need a laptop.

Since I started working in Zavvi, the time I have to write has diminished significantly. I’ve been doing a lot of writing during my lunch break on a small notebook, which has its pros and cons (I’ll go into that more tomorrow, when I have a day off). Unfortunately, pen-and-paper writing doesn’t come with a word count feature, so that makes updating my count here a bit difficult. A laptop (preferably a small, light one) would make everything a whole lot easier.

In other news, the spacebar on my keyboard has started to squeak loudly whenever I press it. You can probably imagine how infuriating that is, so I guess I’ll be getting a new keyboard as well. Any suggestions? I tend to like ones with fairly low-profile keys (like the ones on a laptop).

That’s all for today!


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