March 7, 2008


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So, I’ve got myself a full time job at Zavvi, a videogame/movie/music retail place. Whoo.

Of course, this means that I won’t have nearly as much time to write, but I knew that would happen eventually. I’ve made good progress so far, and I’ll be happy if I can keep up some of that momentum. We’ll see how things go; I’ll start doing word count targets again once I get settled into the new job and know how much time I’ll have.

As for the book itself, I’ve started to become more aware of the pacing in the story. For the first 22,000 words or so things were moving along pretty rapidly, but I want the story to slow down a bit more in the middle before gaining speed again for the climax. World building is something I’ve always enjoyed, but this is the first time I’ve really tested myself to see how good I am at it. While I doubt many readers would be confused as to what’s going on at this point, there are a lot of details I could probably expand on. Right now I’m planning on doing that further along the middle part of the book (around 30-40k words), but I could well find that I need to do more of it in the earlier stages too. The second draft is certainly going to be a challenge, but right now I need to focus on getting the first one done!

And I still don’t have a damn title. Really, I have absolutely no idea what name to give it. The first chapter is called ‘The Prince Is Dead’, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

Current word count for [untitled]: 25,877

Forgot to update this! Last night’s grand total was 26,810.



  1. scgreen said,

    I find world building taxing. When it’s done good, it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the story. Whenever I try it tends to slow the story down. I had to find a way to incorporate the surroundings into the story line. The result has made my story rather noir-ish. In my personal opinion, if you want to do more world building in the middle of your novel, don’t spend too much time on it. Since you’ve already set a fast pace for your reader, they might not enjoy a slow down in the center. A small breather is good, but don’t put anyone to sleep.
    Good luck.

  2. lifelessonsfromwriting said,

    I commented on this, but the comment seems to have vanished into the ether for some reason…

    It’s a fantasy story, but I’m trying not to follow the usual fantasy story blueprint (ie ‘guy meets mysterious old mentor, learns that he’s really the King/Destined to defeat the Generic Looming Darkness/Last of an ancient race/whatever’). I wanted things to get moving straight away, with the reader picking up details about the world as they go along.

    There is quite a lot that needs to be explained, though, so at some point I need to slow down for a bit and make a few things explicit (like the magic system) or else people are going to be very confused. I’m trying to make it as natural as possible, though; the characters never talk about things that they’d already know (Nobody stops to say ‘By the way, were you aware that our country had a rich and vibrant history going back to before that other country was civilized? It’s true!’), which means that a lot gets left unsaid or just hinted at. As well as that, there are no real ‘outsider’ characters who needs someone to explain everything to them in painful detail, except for in a few choice areas (again, magic).

    It’s actually more of a balancing act than I realized it would be, but I’ll see how I do.

    Is there anything of your writing online? I’d be interested in seeing it.

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