March 1, 2008

System Failure

Posted in Writing tagged , , at 10:52 am by lifelessonsfromwriting

So, I haven’t been writing much since coming to England for a few reasons. One is that my aunt’s house was extremely crowded and noisy up until yesterday (she has a five year old son), and the other was that I ended up with painful stomach cramps from something I ate over here.

My aunt is gone now (I’m minding the house for her over the weekend), which means that I should get a lot more writing done. I won’t be setting word count challenges for myself, though, beyond ‘500 words a day, at least’. It will be interesting to compare how I do now with how I did when I was setting daily targets for myself.

In other news, I have a second blog now. You can find it here.



  1. Terry Finley said,

    We all need daily targets and limits.

  2. scgreen said,

    With a wife and two kids (5 and 13) running around in my house, I completely understand your situation. I have to leave the house in order to get any substantial writing done. In fact, I’ve been interrupted twice just while writing this comment. Luckily there is a coffee shop on the corner with free wifi. Even if it gets noisy there, I can plug in my earphones and not worry about someone trying to get my attention.
    Good luck writing. I find a change in surroundings can lead to new and sometimes unexpected ideas.

  3. lifelessonsfromwriting said,

    It has, in that I’ve suddenly formed another idea that could give rise to a novel-length story. It’s not a good thing, though, since the last thing I want is to be distracted from what I’m already writing!

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