February 26, 2008

Scientific Progress Goes BOINC

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Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, that is. I’ve been loaning my spare processor cycles (of which there are many – seriously, OpenOffice is the most taxing thing I ever run) to the SETI@Home project. I’ve always said that I want to live long enough see life on other planets discovered, if it is indeed out there, so I might as well lend a hand.

I overdid it a bit with the writing last night, in that I went nearly 900 words over what I had intended and stayed up until 2.30am to do it. Luckily I’m not working at the moment thanks to a distinct lack of having a job, but that’s not going to last much longer if I can help it. I figure I need to get as much writing done now, while I have no other obligations, as I possibly can.

I started writing [untitled] (it will get a name, I swear) on February the 14th. It’s now the 26th, which means that I’ve been working on it for a whole twelve days. If you divide 20,000 (my target word count for the day) by 12, you come out with the following number:


Well, I thought it was interesting… (Hey, maybe that should be my title, with the subtitle ‘Seriously, don’t get your hopes up.’ Do you think a publisher would go for it?)

Current word count for [untitled]: 19,031.

Target word count by the end of the day: 20,000

Current word count for [untitled]: 20,010


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